Preservation of Documents Subject to Litigation

Policy Type: 

I. Preservation Of Documents Subject To Litigation

II. Who Does This Policy Affect

All HFC faculty, employees, staff, students, vendors/contractors and visitors to our campus

III. Purpose:

To preserve College documents, records or electronic communications that may be the subject of a lawsuit or claim.

IV. Policy Statement:

In the event of a claim, lawsuit, government investigation, enforcement action, audit, subpoena, summons, legal action, formal or informal, that requires retention of records, the Office of Legal Services will notify relevant departments and work with the department heads or their designees to identify and preserve any records, including but not limited to, electronic records and other documents that could be relevant to the pending or anticipated matter. The Record Retention destruction schedule is suspended with respect to the identified record[s], with such suspension being instituted by the affected department heads, until further notice from the Office of Legal Services.

Employees, faculty or staff who become aware of a potential claim, or that an investigation or legal proceeding has been commenced or contemplated shall, as soon as possible, notify the Office of Legal Services, so that all records that may be relevant to the action, or anticipated action, may be preserved.

V. Definitions


VI. Responsible Party for Policy Interpretation/Review

Vice President of Financial Services
Office of Legal Services

VII. Related Documents


VIII. Policy History:

a. Adopted by Board: September 18, 2017

This policy supersedes and replaces any and all policies related to this subject

Adopted Date: 
Monday, September 18, 2017
Board Approved