Minors on Campus

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I. Policy Title: Minors on Campus

II. Who Does This Policy Affect?

All HFC facility, staff, students, vendors/ contractors and visitors to our campus

III. Purpose

The purpose of this policy to encourage the security, safety and wellness of minors who are participating in programs either offered by Henry Ford College or participate in programs on the campuses of Henry Ford College and that minors are accompanied by their adult supervisors at all times. For those minors attending the dual-enrolled programs at the College, the dual enrolled students are required to follow their institution’s guidelines and are required to adhere to all applicable College policies.

IV. Policy Statement

The College welcomes both dual enrolled high school age students on its campuses and approved summer camps and academic camps for minors using the College’s facilities. The College fosters a safe and effective teaching and learning environment and strives for a workplace free from unnecessary disruptions and distractions.

Dual enrolled and minor students or minors working on campus

This policy does not apply to: a.) dual-enrolled high school students at the College, b.) minors that are admitted as students to Henry Ford College, c.) minors that are working on campus with the permission of their parent/guardian, or d.) events on campus that are open to the general public and which minors attend at the sole discretion of their parents/guardians and are accompanied by their parents/guardians.

Dual-enrolled high school students, and all College students, are expected to be aware of and abide by all applicable College policies, such as but not limited to, the Student Code of Conduct.

Minors working on campus are regulated by both federal and state laws. The College will comply with applicable regulations and only employ those minors that have provided the required documentation. The College may authorize the minors to work in accordance with the hours and functions permitted by law.

Minors in the classroom

The College prohibits bringing minors to class and/or leaving them unattended on campus. The prohibition applies to all areas of the College, including but not limited to, outside gathering areas, library, student union, halls, computer labs, and athletic building.

For the protection of both the minors and the College, all minors must be under constant supervision by a responsible adult while on the campus(es) or on the site of any approved off-campus class or College event to avoid any potential safety hazard and to maintain appropriate behavior. The accompanying adult is required to keep the minor(s) in an unobstructed line of sight.


Employees are prohibited from bringing minors to work, unless approved in writing by their supervisor. A supervisor may only approve the presence of a minor in very limited circumstance.

If an employee has an exceptional family emergency situation, and is required to bring their minor to work, the employee’s immediate supervisor will determine if the minor may remain at work. The factors to consider, among others, is whether the minor interferes with the usual workplace activities, whether the work environment is safe for the minor, the age of the minor, and whether the employee is able to fulfill their work obligations.

The supervisor is required to notify the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Campus Safety of the authorized presence of the employee’s minor on campus.

If an employee is permitted to have their minor on campus, the employee is required to supervise their child at all times, never leave the child unattended, and never leave the child in the custody or care of a third person while on campus.

The College reserves the right to revoke at any time the employee’s privilege to bring their child on campus.

Minors at College sponsored events

For the safety and wellbeing of the minors attending College approved camps, organized events, or scheduled activities, the College requires the supervising responsible adult(s) involved in the activity to remain with the minor students while on campus. The supervising adult will be held responsible for the care and behavior of minor(s) attending the event.

No member of the College community (Board of Trustees, employees, faculty, staff, and students) may assume responsibility for the care of any minor, unless the person is leaving the minor in a College program sanctioned for children.

Required Reporting of Known or Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Minors

Michigan’s Child Protection Law, MCL 722.621, et seq identifies certain individuals, occupations or professions as mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect. Mandated reporters include those employed in the following positions: physician, dentist, physician’s assistance, registered dental hygienist, medical examiner, nurse, person licensed to provide emergency medical care, audiologist, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, licensed professional counselor, social worker, licensed master’s social worker, licensed bachelor’s social worker, registered social service technician, social service technician, a person employed in a professional capacity in any office of the friend of the court, school administrator, school counselor or teacher, law enforcement officer, member of the clergy, or regulated child care provider. The College is committed to complying with the requirements set forth in the statute. If a member of the College community is not sure if they are considered a mandatory reporter of child abuse and neglect, they should contact their supervisor or the Office of Human Resources for guidance. All Board members, faculty, employees and staff are considered mandatory reporters.

A mandated reporter who fails to report known or suspected abuse or neglect of minors as required is civilly liable for any damages proximately caused by the failure to report, in addition to potentially criminal penalties.

The College requires that anyone participating in a College sponsored program, or participating in a non-College sponsored program conducted on College property or facilities, who knows, suspects, or receives information that a minor has been abused or neglected, or who has other concerns about the safety of the minor, shall immediately inform the Office of Campus Safety. The reporting person is expected to also notify his or her supervisor, or the appropriate supervisor of the program.

Anyone who knows or suspects abuse or neglect of minors should also notify the Michigan Department of Human Services by calling 855-444-3911. Mandated reporters must immediately report known or suspected mental or physical abuse or neglect of a child made known to them in their professional or official capacity.
The reporter should comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Use of College Facilities

College employees who are responsible for permitting the use or lease of College property for non-College sponsored programs or events primarily serving minors are required to ensure that proper insurance coverage and appropriate documents are executed for the health, safety and security of minors in accordance with this policy.

Unattended Minors

If a minor is left unattended on campus, a report must be made to the Office of Campus Safety who will gather parental/guardian information and contact the responsible adult. The adult will be instructed to either remain with the minor at all times while on campus or leave the campus with the child.

If the parent/guardian is an employee, the employee’s supervisor will be advised of the infraction.
Parents/guardians of minors on campus (including employees) must execute appropriate indemnification, waiver of liability and assumption of risk forms before their child is permitted on campus.

The President or designee may develop procedures to implement this policy.

V. Definitions

Minor: Any person under the age of eighteen (18) years of age

VI. Responsible Party for Policy Interpretation/Review

Vice President of Student Affairs
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Vice President of Human Resource
Office of Campus Safety

VII. Related Documents

Michigan Mandated Reporters’ Resource Guide

Michigan Child Protective Services

Office of Campus Safety

Student Code of Conduct

VIII. Policy History:
a. Adopted by Board: December 18, 2017

March 22, 2022 – Reviewed with no changes.

** This policy supersedes and replaces any and all policies related to this subject**

Adopted Date: 
Monday, December 18, 2017
Board Approved