Honors Program

Policy Type: 

I. Policy Title: Honors Program

II. Who Does This Policy Affect

HFC students and Honors Program applicants.

III. Purpose:

The Board of Trustees recognizes the value of providing exceptionally capable students with intellectual challenge, enrichment, and opportunity beyond that generally available in the classroom.

IV. Policy Statement

a. The following are the Board of Trustees’ goals for the Honors Program:

i. provide talented and creative students with opportunities to develop and apply their talents;
ii. encourage academic responsibility, independent thinking, and the initiative to work and learn independently;
iii. provide the student with opportunities for deeper knowledge in various disciplines and broader perspectives of the student's personal role in society; and
iv. create associations with students and faculty interested in these honor goals.

b. Honors Program admission details and requirement:

i. The Honors Program is open to high school applicants, students currently enrolled at the College, and students that have earned college credits at other institutions.
ii. The Honors Program is open to part-time and full-time students.
iii. Applicants must submit an Honors Program application form, along with their high school transcript and a letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor.
iv. High school applicants must also submit a general college application form and a high school transcript to the HFC Admissions Office
v. Currently enrolled HFC students must have completed 12 or more hours in 100- level or higher courses as a full-time student or have completed 15 cumulative hours in 100-level or higher courses as a part-time student before applying to the Honors Program.

c. Academic and career requirements for students admitted into the Honors Program:

i. Admitted students must complete required course listings within the designated semesters;
ii. Admitted students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher;

iii. Admitted students must meet with their faculty mentor at least twice per semester;
iv. Admitted students must maintain a professional resume and personal statement;
v. Admitted students must attend transfer seminars every semester; and
vi. Admitted students must complete 15 hours of on-campus volunteer work.

V. Definitions


VI. Responsible Party for Policy Interpretation/Review

Vice President of Academic Affairs

VII. Related Documents

a. Honors Program Information https://www.hfcc.edu/academics/programs/honors-program

VIII. Policy History:

a. Adopted by Board: February 20, 1995
b. Previous Policy Section: Program; Previous Policy No. 5400


November 21, 2022 - Approved by Board
October 2022 – Placed in new policy format and detailed the Honors Program’s admission requirements and the requirements for admitted students.

This policy supersedes and replaces any and all policies related to this subject

Adopted Date: 
Monday, November 21, 2022
Revised Date: 
Wednesday, October 19, 2022
Board Approved