Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Policy Type: 

I. Policy: Employee Assistance Program

II. Who Does This Policy Affect

All HFC employees

III. Purpose

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered to all benefit eligible employees and their immediate family members. The Employee Assistance Program can also be utilized by non- benefit eligible employees when a situation arises in the course of employment.

The purpose of this Program is to provide counseling and related professional services to employees who may be experiencing personal issues. The College may direct employees to utilize services when personal issues may be negatively impacting job performance.

IV. Policy Statement

The Board of Trustees, in cooperation with all recognized bargaining groups and exempt employees, recognize that a wide range of human problems can have an effect on an employee’s job performance, and that almost any human problem can be helped with professional treatment.

The College is authorized to contract with a third party to provide the Employee Assistance Program. An individual’s decision to accept involvement in the Program is voluntary. It is the employee’s responsibility to contact the EAP directly to secure services. EAP discussions and records of discussions or participation in EAP are considered protected privileged communication and will only be released under federal and state confidentiality laws.

An employee may choose to use the Program on his or her own or may be referred to EAP by an immediate family member, supervisor, or the Office of Human Resources. When an employee is referred to the EAP by a supervisor or the Office of Human Resources, in order to address a performance issue, the referral does not relieve the employee of their existing work responsibilities and obligations as more fully defined by the applicable collective bargaining agreement or job descriptions. Nothing in this Program is to be interpreted as constituting a waiver of the Board’s and/or Administrative rights to take disciplinary measures against the employee. Participation in the Program shall not be interpreted as a waiver of the right of any employee, or employee group, to use the grievance procedure within the framework of existing contractual agreements.

V. Definitions

EAP- Employee Assistance Program

VI. Responsible Party for Policy Interpretation/Review

Human Resources

VII. Related Documents

• Employee Collective Bargaining Agreements
• EAP Flyer - https://policies.hfcc.edu/form/eap-flyer

VIII. Policy History

a. Adopted by Board: February 20, 1995
b. Previous Policy Section(s):Professional Staff and Support Staff Previous Policy No(s). 4500 and 9400

March 22, 2022 – Reviewed with no changes.
November 17, 2017

This policy supersedes and replaces any and all policies related to this subject

Adopted Date: 
Monday, February 20, 1995
Revised Date: 
Monday, November 20, 2017
Board Approved