5700 Credit for Prior College-Level Learning Policy

Policy Type: 

This policy has been designed to address the needs of our non-traditional students who may have acquired prior college-level learning and/or skills outside the traditional classroom without having earned college credit.

A student can receive college credit for prior learning that is equivalent to college-level learning (at the 100-level and above) in specific HFC courses under the following conditions:

  1. Total credit for prior college-level learning plus total transfer credit shall not exceed 40 credit hours.

  2. Only a department/division may identify which, if any, of their courses will be allowed to have credit for prior college-level learning granted.

  3. No department/division will be required to grant credit for any course under this proposal.

  4. If program admission, accreditation or licensure issues preclude credit for prior college­ level learning, credit will not be awarded for that

  5. As with transfer of credits from other colleges, credit for prior college-level learning will be granted with no grade and no impact on GPA.

Candidate Requirements:

  1. Student must be degree and/or certificate seeking.

  2. A degree seeking student must take course placement tests as part of the College admissions process.

  3. Department/division can exempt pre-requisite(s) when deemed appropriate.

Acceptable Prior Learning Credit:

Prior learning will be evaluated through departmental exams or a portfolio evaluation.

  1. Departmental Exams - Exams must demonstrate that the student has met the applicable courses' measurable objectives as identified on the approved course master.

  2. Portfolio Evaluation Students will prepare a portfolio that documents their mastery of the subject matter as identified on the course master. Supporting documentation may include: verification of accomplishment (prizes or awards), testimonies of competence (letters, job performance reviews), learning products (essays, work samples, art products, performances, etc.), certifications (business, industry, or professional organizations), recognized by profession or rank, licensure or other direct evidence (publications, test scores, membership requirements, syllabi/learning objectives, job descriptions).

  3. Any appropriate documentation, skill, certifications and/or knowledge acquired by the student and submitted for consideration will be evaluated by the appropriate department faculty. Each decision made by the faculty to grant credit for prior college-level learning must be approved by the associate dean, who will forward the approval to the Office of Admissions, Registration and Records for posting.

Evaluation of Prior College-Level Learning:

  1. Any department/division that grants credit for prior college-level learning will identify eligible courses in writing and develop a written procedure for evaluating student learning for the course. The procedure must be approved by the division, appropriate educational council, and the College Council to ensure it adequately addresses the course objectives as identified on the course master.

  2. The College will provide a mechanism for assisting students in developing a portfolio that meets the requirements of the department for a particular course.

  3. Courses for which credit for prior college-level learning will be granted will be identified in the College Catalog.

  4. Course masters will be updated to indicate that credit for prior college level learning can be granted for that course and how the learning will be evaluated.

Adopted Date: 
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Board Approved