5500 Field Trips

Policy Type: 

The Board of Trustees recognizes that field trips, when used for teaching and learning integral to the curriculum, are an educationally sound and important ingredient in the instructional program of the College. Properly planned and executed field trips should:

  1. supplement and enrich classroom procedures by providing learning experiences in an environment outside the schools;

  2. arouse new interests among students;

  3. help students relate school experiences to the reality of the world outside of the classroom;

  4. bring the resources of the community - natural, artistic, industrial, commercial, governmental, educational - within the students learning experience; and

  5. afford students the opportunity to study real processes in their environment.

For purposes of this policy, a field trip is defined as any instructional activity that is away from the College campus and lasts longer than the regularly scheduled class time. Faculty members must plan field trips according to the adopted procedures of the College.

Adopted Date: 
Monday, February 20, 1995
Board Approved