4200 Employment of Personnel for Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular Activities

Policy Type: 
Professional Staff

The Board of Trustees may find it necessary to employ, on a part-time basis, coaches or activity sponsors who are not members of the professional staff.

The Board authorizes the President to act for the Board in employing such part-time staff.

The President shall establish administrative guidelines to ensure that each person employed as a coach or activity sponsor has the appropriate qualifications. As a condition of employment each person will comply with all rules, regulations, and policies established by the College including such new or revised rules, regulations, and policies as may be subsequently established. Each person will acknowledge in writing that he/she can be terminated, with or without notice, at any time with or without cause at the option of either the College or by voluntary resignation. No representative of the College, other than the Board of Trustees, has any authority to enter into any agreement contrary to the above. Any agreement by the Board of Trustees must be in writing and actually signed by the President.

Adopted Date: 
Monday, February 20, 1995
Board Approved
Rescinded Date: 
Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Rescinded Explanation: 
combining with other policies