4050 Employment of Professional Staff

Policy Type: 
Professional Staff

The Board of Trustees recognizes that it is vital to the successful operation of the College that positions created by the Board be filled with highly qualified and competent personnel.

The Board shall approve the employment, and also, when not covered by terms of a collective bargaining agreement, fix the compensation and establish the term of employment for the following professional staff members employed by this College:

  1. Members of Henry Ford College Administrators Association (HFC AA Local 71);

  2. Exempt Administrators;

  3. Members of Henry Ford College Federation of Teachers (HFC FT Local 1650);

  4. Non-Classified, Non-Instructional Employees; and

  5. Executive and Administrative Secretaries

Such approval shall be given only to those candidates for employment recommended by the President.

All applications for employment shall be referred to the Office of Human Resources.

Relatives of Trustees may be employed by the Board, provided a Trustee of the Board does not participate in any way in the discussion or vote on the employment when conflict of interest is involved.

Any professional staff member's intentional misstatement of facts, material to qualifications for employment or the determination of salary shall be considered by this Board to constitute grounds for dismissal.

Relatives of staff members may be employed by the Board, provided the staff member being employed is not placed in a position in which he/she would or could at some future time supervise or be directly supervised by the staff member to whom he/she is related.

The employment of professional staff members prior to approval by the Board is authorized when their employment is required to maintain continuity in the educational program. Employment shall be recommended to the Board at the next regular meeting.

Any employee whose position requires it, shall be properly certified or licensed according to governmental laws and regulations and policies of this Board of Trustees.

No professional staff member of the school shall be permitted to perform in more than one (l) classification unless otherwise authorized by the President.

The President shall prepare administrative guidelines for the recruitment and selection of all professional staff.

Adopted Date: 
Monday, February 20, 1995
Board Approved