3800 Motor Vehicle Policy

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This policy applies to all drivers of College vehicles and drivers who use personal vehicles for College business, as defined herein.

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees that all College vehicles be operated in a safe and responsible manner in accordance with local and federal regulations, that all operators possess a valid driver’s license from a U.S. state or territory, and that all operators follow the requirements set forth in the College’s Motor Vehicle Procedure. Violation of this policy or procedure may lead to disciplinary action up to and including discharge or expulsion.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to promote the safe operation of College vehicles, to encourage the safety of drivers and passengers, and to minimize physical damage to the College fleet.

Definitions and Rules of Use

College Vehicle
Any motorized vehicle that is, or may be licensed for highway use and is owned, leased or rented by the College or for which the college is otherwise legally responsible. This includes unlicensed vehicles that are eligible for licensing, but are exempt because they are only used on campus.

Permitted Uses of Vehicles
College Vehicles are to be driven only by authorized College employees within the scope of their jobs for official College business. College vehicles are not to be used for personal use. Exceptions are those vehicles which may be issued to personnel, who are on emergency call, 24 hour/7 day a week basis. These vehicles may be utilized for de minimis use; i.e. incidental stops of a personal nature, when traveling to and from work. Vehicles may also be issued to individuals as a condition of employment.

The following conditions are examples considered to be a misuse of College vehicles:

  • Driving a College vehicle without authorization by proper College officials.
  • Driving without valid Michigan or other State operator's license of the appropriate class for the type vehicle being driven.
  • Permitting a person who is not a College employee to drive a College vehicle.
  • Engaging in unsafe practices, including failure to use and to ensure that all passengers use all available safety equipment in the vehicle being operated. Safety equipment includes seat belts and/or shoulder harnesses.
  • Falsification of travel logs, travel authorizations, defensive driver training program Certificates, accident reports, or other forms relative to the use of the vehicle.
  • Improper storage or parking of College vehicle.
  • Unauthorized personal use
  • Unauthorized transport of passengers other than persons directly involved with College business
  • Picking up hitchhikers
  • Transporting students for purposes other than College business or events and activities sponsored, supported and/or endorsed by the College.
  • Failure to comply with any law, regulation, or policy regarding the use of College vehicles, including the requirement to have satisfactorily completed a College approved defensive driver training course.
  • Transporting items/materials that are not related to University business other than personal items such as clothing and other travel necessities.
  • Transporting animals except for personal assistance animals.
  • Transporting any hazardous material including, but not limited to, chemicals, biological, and radioactive materials, unless approved by a Vice President, or designee.
  • Radar detectors or jammers are not allowed in College Vehicles.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages in a College vehicle are prohibited.

Employees misusing College vehicles may be personally liable for damages to persons or property caused to third parties and the legal expenses of defense since employees act outside of the course and scope of their employment during the misuse. Employees who misuse are also subject to disciplinary action by the College.

Use of Personal Vehicle

Liability Insurance
If an accident occurs while a personal vehicle is being used for official College business, the Authorized Driver’s auto liability coverage is considered the primary coverage. If necessary, the College’s coverage may supplement the employee's personal policy as excess coverage.

Vehicle Physical Damage Insurance
The College provides no coverage for, and is not responsible for damage to a personal vehicle, even when used for official College business or other college purposes.

Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, and similar vehicles may not be used to conduct College business or for any other College purposes.

Board Approved
Rescinded Date: 
Monday, September 18, 2017
Rescinded Explanation: 
combining and updating of policies