3750 Policy on Use and Regulation of College Property by Students, Staff, and General Public

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Henry Ford College ("HFC") recognizes the importance of freedom of expression on its campus. HFC also recognizes its obligation to ensure that such expression is not conducted in such a time, place, or manner as to interfere with the College's orderly operation or core educational mission. To that end, HFC has adopted this policy governing use of its property by students, student groups, staff, and members of the general public with respect to certain "expressive activities." For purposes of this policy "expressive activities" is defined as protesting, picketing, leafleting, or soliciting.

Designated Locations

The following are the locations approved for use by persons, groups, or organizations for purposes of "expressive activities":

The "Quad"

The Quadrangle (Quad) is framed by the Reuther Liberal Arts Building on the East, the MacKenzie Fine Arts Center on the West, the Health Careers Education Center/Science Building on the South, and the Library and Facilities Services building on the North. The Quad serves as the primary hub of movement into and around the campus and is therefore appropriate for assembly and debate. Subject to the regulations set forth below, the Quad may be used for "expressive activities" by persons, groups, or organizations.

For purposes of this policy, the Quad does not include those walkways between buildings that lead to the Quad. Those walkways are particularly prone to congestion because of their narrowness and proximity to parking areas. The College does not view those walkways as safe and practical locations for "expressive activities" that would impede the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Entrances to the Campus

The Campus grounds include two entrances to the College; the North Drive and the South Drive. Persons may conduct expressive activities only on the grassy areas on either side of the entrances and not in the lanes of traffic.

Andrew A. Mazzara Administrative Services and Conference Center

The grassy areas around the Andrew A. Mazzara Administrative Services and Conference Center may be used for expressive activities. Sidewalks and entrances to the building may not be blocked.

Non-Commercial Speech

Persons, groups or organizations using designated areas for "expressive activities," the primary purpose of which is not the sale of a product or service, must schedule their activities consistently within the normal business hours of the College (currently 8 AM--4:30 PM) or other hours with authorization.

Persons, groups, or organizations must secure a permit from Buildings and Grounds before engaging in "expressive activities." They must identify a person in charge (PIC) of the activity and must provide a current address and phone number where the PIC can be reached. Buildings and Grounds may require copies of additional identification, such as driver's license. The PIC must be present during the group or organization's activity.

Persons, groups, or organizations are prohibited from engaging in the following behaviors:

  1. Obstructing or interfering with the movement of passers-by.

  2. Communicating threats to passers-by orally, in writing, or by physical gesture.

  3. Using sound amplification devices or noise-making devices such as bull horns, whistles, horns, or bells.

  4. Obstructing ingress and egress to and from any building or campus location.

  5. Affixing signage or other materials to buildings or other College property or to motor vehicles located in parking lots.

  6. Erecting, building, or constructing structures such as tables, chairs, kiosks, or signs.

  7. Littering.

  8. Using any signage other than hand held signs not to exceed the size of 3 feet by 5 feet; and

  9. Engaging in any other behavior or activity that is in violation of the College's student code of conduct or local, state, or federal laws or ordinances.

Commercial Speech

In addition to the regulations set forth above, any person, group, or organization who uses the designated areas for the purpose of selling a product or service must notify the College of the specific nature of their business and product. HFC reserves the right to prohibit the selling of products or services that do not serve the educational needs of the HFC campus community or that directly compete with products or services offered by HFC.

Commercial users must supply copies of valid and current commercial or business licenses when applying for a facility use permit.

Rooms and Auditoria

Certain rooms and auditoria on the HFC campus, including the Student Center Building, the Adray Auditorium, and room L-14 can also serve as locations for "expressive activity." These are limited resources, however, and are therefore reserved for activities that serve the core educational mission of HFC.

Accordingly, use of these facilities is limited to HFC student and staff and is limited to non-commercial use. These areas are regulated through the use of a Building Use Permit. Building Use Permits require the identification of a PIC who must be present during the specified activity on the permit.

Remainder of Campus

The College reserves the remaining areas of the campus for their intended and core educational purposes, i.e., the education of students and the administration of the College. Accordingly, these areas are not open to use for "expressive activities" as defined above.

Cost Recovery

In the event that the use of HFC property results in actual increased costs to HFC (such as set-up, maintenance, repair or cleanup), HFC will seek to recover those actual costs from the person, group, and/or organization responsible.

Adopted Date: 
Monday, July 17, 2006
Revised Date: 
Thursday, June 25, 2015
Board Approved
Rescinded Date: 
Monday, September 18, 2017
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Combining and updating of policies