3600 Circulation of Periodicals Policy

Policy Type: 

Henry Ford College allows for the circulation of periodicals on campus. To ensure that students have locations on campus in which to find these periodicals, to ensure that free passage from one part of the campus to another is not obstructed, to facilitate orderliness and cleanliness on campus, and to prevent out of date periodicals from accumulating, the following policy is required.

  1. All periodicals must be placed in the allotted rack space provided by the College in the Student Center, the Fine Arts Building, the Liberal Arts Building, the Technology Building, M-TEC, the Dearborn Heights Campus, or the Learning Technology Building.

  2. All periodicals must be dated.

  3. Periodicals older than thirty days will be discarded.

  4. Periodicals that violate state or federal law will be discarded or removed and provided to the appropriate law enforcement authority.

For purposes of this policy, "periodical" means any publication produced and circulated. This policy does not address material sent directly to specific addressees or the circulation of newspapers through College authorized news stands or the United States mail.

Adopted Date: 
Monday, July 17, 2006
Board Approved