1350 Non-Reemployment of the President

Policy Type: 

The Board of Trustees has an obligation to employ the professional leadership best trained and equipped to meet the educational needs of the community. It shall meet that obligation by retaining only a highly-qualified person as President for this College.

If the services of the President are found to be unsatisfactory to the Board, he/she shall be notified by the Chair and given an opportunity to correct the conditions.

If his/her services continue to be unsatisfactory, the President shall be notified in writing by the Board Chair, as approved by the Board. Notification of its intent not to extend his/her services shall be given by no later than March 31.

The contract of the President may be terminated during its term in accordance with the statutory procedures and/or terms and conditions of employment established in the contract.

M.C.L. 380.132, 380.247, 380.346

Adopted Date: 
Monday, February 20, 1995
Board Approved