1300 Evaluation of the President

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The Board of Education believes it is essential that it evaluate the President's performance periodically in order to assist both the Board and the President in the proper discharge of their responsibilities and to enable the Board to provide the College with the best possible leadership.

The Board shall annually, no later than July 1, evaluate the performance of the President. Such evaluation shall be based upon the President's duties and responsibilities and should include an assessment of:

A. the progress toward the educational goal of the College;

B. the working relationship between the Board and the President; and

C. the Board's own effectiveness in providing direction to the President.

Such assessments will be based on defined quality expectations developed by the Board and forwarded to the President at the beginning of each year for each criteria being assessed.

The Board and the President, jointly shall, at the outset of each evaluation, determine the method by which the evaluation shall be conducted. Such method may include:

A. the President's own self-analysis;

B. the active participation of each Trustee;

C. a compilation of assessments on a prepared standard form by individual Board members, which shall then be reviewed jointly by the Board and President; and

D. evaluation interviews between the Board and President during which no other business is discussed.

The Board will provide the President with an opportunity for confidential discussion of the results within a reasonable time after the evaluation is made. As an outcome of the evaluation of the President's performance, the Board should be prepared:

A. to judge the advisability of retention of the President;

B. to determine the President's salary;

C. to identify strengths and weaknesses in the operation of the College and determine means by which weaknesses can be reduced while strengths are maintained; and

D. to establish specific goals, the achievement of which will advance the College toward its mission.

Adopted Date: 
Monday, February 20, 1995
Board Approved