1150 Board - President Relationship

Policy Type: 

The Board of Trustees believes that, in general, it is the primary duty of the Board to establish policies and that of the President to recommend and administer such policies. The President should be given the latitude to determine the best method of implementing the policies of the Board.

The President, as the chief executive officer of the College, is the primary professional advisor to the Board. He/she is responsible for the development, supervision, and operation of the College programs and facilities. His/Her methods should be made known to the staff through the administrative guidelines of the College. The Board shall retain supervision of such administrative guidelines.

The President and those administrators directed by the President shall attend all board meetings, when feasible. Administrative participation shall be by professional counsel, guidance, and recommendation as distinct from deliberation, debate, and voting of board members.

In order to expedite negotiation procedures, the President is appointed as chief representative of the Board. The President shall recommend to the Board negotiation strategies and appointment of the negotiation team for collective bargaining with certified and/or recognized unions and employee units.

The Board is responsible for determining the success of the President in meeting the goals established by the Board through annual evaluations of the President's performance. The Board, in formulating its position with regard to the performance of the President shall rely, whenever possible, on the objective outcomes of its evaluations rather than on subjective opinions.

Adopted Date: 
Monday, February 20, 1995
Board Approved