Procedure to the Computer Systems Use Policy

Technology resources are procured and provided solely for business purposes. HFC discourages personal use of technology provided by HFC during office hours but acknowledges certain circumstances when this cannot be avoided. Users shall not use computer or telecommunication systems in such a manner as to degrade or disrupt the normal operation of voice/data networks and college computer systems. Users shall not intentionally damage or disable computing, telecommunication equipment or software or circumvent user authentication or security.

The Vice President of Student Affairs, in consultation with the Director of IT and General Counsel, may authorize the restricted use of the College’s HFC computer systems in support of an approved and recognized HFC student association that engages in gaming as its primary activity. The student group must adhere to all the restrictions imposed by the College to maintain and protect the integrity of the computer system and to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements. Failure to comply will result in immediate shut down of access by the student group to the computer system.

a. Computer Systems Acceptable Use Policy: Responsibilities for students and staff in the use of the College's technology resources are outlined in the Computer Systems Acceptable Use Policy. All users must agree to the policy before accessing HFC technology resources.

b. Users shall comply with all applicable user conduct codes and rules, laws and regulation governing the use of computer and telecommunication resources. Examples include the Computer Systems Acceptable Use Policy, laws of libel, privacy, copyright, trademark, obscenity, child pornography, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Computer fraud and Abuse Act.

c. At any time and without prior notice, HFC reserves the right to monitor, inspect, or search all HFC owned information systems. This examination may take place with or without the consent, presence, or knowledge of the involved individual(s). The information systems subject to such examination include, but are not limited to, electronic mail system files, personal computer hard drive files, voice mail files, printer spool files, fax machine output, and other College property such as desk drawers and storage areas. All communication and data may be disclosed to law enforcement or other third parties without prior consent of the sender or the receiver. Communication and data using HFC technology is subject to potential disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

d. Employees must respect the confidentiality of other individuals' electronic communications. Except in cases in which explicit authorization has been granted by management, employees are prohibited from engaging in, or attempting to engage in breaching the confidentiality of another person’s communications such as using another person’s log in and password.

e. Posts by students or employees to social networking sites are governed by HFC’s policies, including the Conflict of Interest Policy and the Student Code of Conduct. Employee and student behavioral standards shall apply to all conduct, whether in person or online.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2022
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Wednesday, August 31, 2022
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Procedure to the Computer Systems Use Policy
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