Procedure for Proposing New or Revised Henry Ford College Board Policies

I. Related Policy: Henry Ford College Board Policies

This procedure accompanies the Policy on Henry Ford College Board Policies. The same procedure will be followed to introduce a new college policy or to revise an existing policy.

The policy format for introducing or revising a college policy is set forth in the Policy.

Individual policies will be reviewed by the Office of the General Counsel and the Board of Trustees Policy Committee and updated, if necessary, every three to five (3 to 5) years or as required due to changes in legal and regulatory requirements, or to reflect changes at the College.

II. For new or revised non-academic College Board policies:

a. Submission. The draft policy shall be submitted in the format set forth in the Policy. An electronic version of the proposed policy shall be submitted to the Special Assistant to General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Services (“SAGC”) and a working file shall be created.

b. Legal Review. Legal will review the submission with the appropriate Vice President and obtain information from the appropriate stakeholders and prepare a draft policy for submission to the President’s Cabinet for review.

c. Review by President’s Cabinet. Upon Cabinet and President’s approval, the policy will be forwarded to the Board Policy Review Committee.

d. Board Policy Committee Review. The Board shall meet in person in an open meeting to review and discuss the proposed or revised policy. Please note that while Board approval is not required for procedures they may on occasion be presented to the Policy Committee for review. The Committee may consult those necessary to assist in the Committee’s research and review and the draft may be revised. The Committee shall forward its recommendations to the full Board of Trustees, including any recommendations to maintain the status quo.

e. Board of Trustees. The full Board will discuss the recommendation at an open Board meeting and vote on it at a later meeting.

f. Upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the SAGC will ensure that the amended or new policy and procedure are placed on the College’s website.

g. The SAGC will notify the HFC Marketing Department for announcement of the policy in the College communication-HFC Weekly News.

III. For academic policies:

The College shall follow the procedures set forth in the Academic Council and Faculty Organization Constitutions.

IV. Implementation of Procedure:

The person/department responsible for the policy will have the authority to implement the corresponding procedures, including any training of employees, modification of forms or other changes required to have consistency with the newly adopted/revised policy, and develop FAQs as needed for the website.

V. Contact Information

Inquiries regarding these procedures may be directed to the Office of the General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Services 313-845-6423.

VI. Procedure History:

a. Current Procedure adopted: June 19, 2017

This procedure supersedes and replaces any and all procedures related to this subject

Procedure Type: 
Adopted Date: 
Monday, June 19, 2017
Procedure Name: 
Procedure for Proposing New or Revised Henry Ford College Board Policies