0150 HFC Organization

0151 Organizational Meeting

The Board of Trustees shall organize annually not earlier than January 1 and not later than the second Monday in January at a meeting held for that purpose in accordance with the law. The meeting shall be called to order by the ranking officer of the preceding Board who shall serve as presiding officer until the election of a Board Chair.

M.C.L. 380.114, 380.231, 380.319, 380.48l(a)

0152 Officers

The Board shall elect from its members a Board Chair, Vice­ Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

M.C.L. 380.231(1)

Election of officers shall be by a majority of the Board. Where no such majority exists on the first ballot vote, a second vote shall be cast for the two (2) candidates who received the greatest number of ballot votes.

Except for those appointed to fill vacancies, officers shall serve for one (1)year and until their respective successors are elected and shall qualify. An officer may be removed for cause by a majority vote of the Board. The Board shall fill a vacancy in an office within twenty (20)days of the occurrence of the vacancy.

M.C.L. 380.1104

0154 Motions

The Board shall:

  1. designate depositories for school funds;

M.C.L. 380.1221

  1. designate those persons authorized to sign checks, contracts, agreements, and purchase orders;

  2. designate an administrator to assume specified responsibilities of theTreasurer and of the Secretary.

0155 Committees

Committees of Board Trustees shall, when specifically charged. to do so by the Board, conduct studies, make recommendations to the Board and act in an advisory capacity, but shall not take action on behalf of the Board.

The Board Chair is authorized to appoint members of the Board to standing committees where they shall serve a term of one (1)year.

Ad hoc committees may be created and charged at any time by the Board Chair, Superintendent, or College President with the approval of the Board.

Members of ad hoc committees shall serve until the committee is discharged.

The Superintendent shall serve as an ex officio member of each c01mnittee related to P-12 operations. The College President shall serve as an ex officio member of each committee related to College operations.

Committees shall consist of no more than three (3)Trustees.

A member may request (or refuse) appointment to a committee.

Refusal to serve on any one committee shall not be grounds for failure to appoint a member to another committee.

Each board committee shall be convened by a chairperson who shall report for the committee and shall be appointed by the
Board Chair.

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HFC Organization
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Monday, February 20, 1995
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